Veterans! Now you can receive ketamine infusions financed by the VA.


The Veterans Administration has negotiated an exclusive agreement only with Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers to support ketamine infusions. Contact us today to learn more about this powerful treatment for depression, PTSD, migraine headaches, and other issues.  

We offer the most effective and innovative treatment for depression, particularly treatment-resistant depression. Building on our experience with over 400 patients in five years, our 85% response rate has a track record to back it up. Unlike other clinics, our psychiatrist oversees the care of every patient. Don’t trust your psychiatric care to an anesthesiologist with no psychiatric training or experience. You can chose to upgrade your care to ELITE CARE wherein the psychiatrist will see you before during and after each infusion and have a follow-up meeting within 5 days to assess and plan an individualized treatment strategy for you. This has proven to be our most effective treatment program. 


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We have developed a system using ketamine infusion that can drastically reduce the time it takes to conquer your depression.


Ketamine Infusion + Psychiatric Expertise = Pathway to Health

“This is the only depression treatment that has ever worked for me.”

Anonymous Patient

“Every day I realize how much relief and improvement I’m enjoying since entrusting my care to Dr. Henderson.”

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Your brain is just like a computer. If it doesn’t work well…You don’t work well.

How you feel when you’re depressed doesn’t have to be the reality of your situation.

We can help.

We're Here For You

The road to recovery is not the same in every person but the first step is always to ask for help and support – How you feel when depressed is not the reality of your situation. What you need is to start step by step and have a strong system in place.

Take Your Life Back. The Time Is Now.

Often family and friends cannot appreciate the depth of pain and suffering that depression can cause. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or “Get over it” are familiar phrases. If it was that simple, then depression would not be such an intractable condition. Depression is found in every country of the world and in every socioeconomic class. No matter where you look, the rate of depression is about 5-7%. Talking to friends or formal psychotherapy can help, but only 30% of depressed people recover with this approach, underscoring that its more than just “a poor me” attitude.
Is the infusion process covered by insurance?
At this time the ketamine infusion process is not covered by insurance companies.
Where is the ketamine clinic located?
Currently we are located in Denver CO. (See map below)  We are working on getting more locations to better serve you.  
How much does it cost?

We have infusions starting at $435 for one infusion or we offer a discounted rate for multiple infusions. Click this link for more information on pricing. 

How may infusions am I going to need?
This varies from person to person but we have seen dramatic results sometimes after only one infusion.
I'm coming from out of town. Are there accommodations nearby the clinic?
We can help with directions as well as recommend nearby accommodation that is close to the clinic.
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
Yes we do require a referral from your current doctor.

The effects of ketamine vary from individual to individual.

In general, patients feel relief of their symptoms for a few weeks. During this time, changes in their oral medications may provide ongoing relief. Alternatively, repeat infusions are often utilized in a maintenance program tailored to the individual patient’s symptom profile. 

On average, patients receive four to six infusions and many have resolution of their depression.

By combining expert psychiatric care with ketamine infusion we have drastically increased your chances for a successful recovery from depression.

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Feeling depressed? Feeling scared? You are NOT alone. We have answers.

The road to recovery is available for you right now.

And the first step is to reach out for help and support.

We are located just outside of Denver CO